WATER: ADAPTABLE, FREE, VIOLENT AND AGGRESSIVE VIDEO 2012 5:01 minutos The video installation shows the different approaches of the use of water in a society were politics; propaganda and publicity are overwhelmingly strong and influential. Instead of offering an approach of consciousness of the usage of this flexible and anamorphic material, it’s taken for granted. … Read moreWATER: ADAPTABLE, FREE, VIOLENT AND AGGRESSIVE

EU Trio Tree

Spotlight the EU at the Sziget Festival in Budapest I Common and specific cultural values in the EU The ,European Tree“ is a powerful symbol of growth, as the tree is the only living thing that continues to grow throughout its lifetime, this was the central subject in which artists and creative’s from the EU … Read moreEU Trio Tree


Mi proyecto para la 12 Bienal de la Habana en el Museo Orgánico Romerillo fue el proyecto fotográfico: “Daemon” el cual quería hacer visible, revelar y mostrar el ser desconocido e interno de las personas. Mostrar al exterior a través de desnudos los pensamientos y sentimientos más íntimos y ocultos del ser humano. Desnudando a … Read moreDaemon