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The Way to the Top

As in many corporations, military, political parties or religions, hierarchy has always been a crucial part in its structures. Commonly these systems are ranked not by moral or ethical values, but by relative status or authority between the members of these organizations.

The way to the top is an interactive and sculptural installation, a grotesque machine with an apparently easy way to the top. The hierarchy-machinery fires up only and willingly through the active participation of the

viewers, following the golden rule that there will be always somebody willing, to spin the wheel

The structure up to the “top” in question appears relatively easy to access.

It´s hierarchical mechanism triggers the active participation of the audience

where nothing is questioned as long as you reach the goal.

HDRtist HDR Rendering –

The Way to the Top – Interactive Art Installation

Year: 2011

Location: Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary

Dimensions: 1 units; 8 meters high x 12 m wide

Materials: plaster, wood, bike chains, rubber, steel columns and poles

Commissioned: Sziget Kft.

Design, implementation: Vinzce Áron

Structural Engineer: Péter Àrva

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